Yes, we do rent space and tools for Artists and Crafters!

Flying Eagle is proud to offer space, tools and supplies for our artists and crafters.

Call us to schedule that up (307.864.4011), but you might give this page a quick read before you do.

For there are a number of options.

First and foremost – if you take a class at Flying Eagle, for 2 weeks after the class, we offer you 2 free 2-hour uses of our space and many of our tools, and a 15% discount on any tools or supplies you purchase. Though if you take one of our on-going classes, we extend that timeline to one free 2-hour use / week up to a month after the class ends. We encourage you to take advantage of this option in particular because we’ve found it can be quite helpful to cement what you learned in the class.

Outside of our classes – we certainly welcome our artists and crafters to come and work, we have many tools available, particularly for beading and glassworking – but some also for leatherworking and fine arts. Space/tool rental is $10 / hr, with a few exceptions (below).

Also, if you aren’t experienced in a particular art or craft, we are happy to connect you with someone you can consult with during your time working at the Gallery (for an added cost, depending). And in this line of thought – we offer 1-1 tutorials in glassworking and we can connect you with someone who can tutor you in a number of arts and crafts. Just give us a call or email us: 307.864.4011 /

Tools that require assistance and have some cost to them:

Mat Cutter: $10 / most mats

Kiln: $20 / shelf at a low fire, $40 / shelf at a high fire (shelf is share-able) – “urgency” will raise the cost. Shelf is 14″x14″. Firings begin in the afternoon and are usually available middle of the next business day.

Engraver (diamond, router or laser): $5-10 / most engravings

Vaccuum Press: $5 / most projects (flat), $15 / most thick projects

Glass Cutter: $3 / cut, plus cost of glass

Corner nailer (pneumatic): $5 for most frames


Tools and supplies available for experienced artists / crafters:


Straight edge / ruler; Clamps

Beadwork / Jewelry:

Nippers; Crimpers; Needle-nose pliers; Bead tray


Scoring tools; Sickle stone; Grozing pliers; Running pliers; Breaking pliers; Lead nippers; Soldering iron; Flux; Patina; Neutralizer; glue; cleaner

Framing / Matting:

Corner brackets; Point setter; Glass scorer


hole punch, needles, mallet, some chisels

Fine Arts:

Some brushes, palette knives, canvas stretcher, staple gun