Winter-time wanderings

We had been warned when we purchased the Flying Eagle Gallery back in July (2012), that winter-time was slow slow slow… Nothing happening and no one coming in the store. NOT TRUE!

Though we certainly haven’t been as busy as summer-time or pre-Christmas, we’ve been busy. Saturdays in particular have been fun with classes. Maybe folks in town don’t have as much to do when the roads are snowy, but our classes have been quite popular.

Also, with folks staying indoors more in the winter, they get busy with their hands. Winter-time is Craft-time. And the Flying Eagle Gallery is the place to go for all your arts and crafts supplies, tools and ideas.

Winter-time is also our time to plan our purchases for the year – and more than ever we are working to support our local artists and crafters – purchasing or consigning their work for sale at the Flying Eagle, as well as selling supplies and tools.

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