‘Tis the season for craft classes!

There are so many good reasons to take crafting classes – learn a new skill, bone up on an old one, develop new ideas for gifts, meet new people, …

We’ve just finished two leaded glass class – meaning that 6 more people have gotten their hands dirty in glass-work. One more beginner level class to go, then we move on to intermediate classes, as well as other crafts – e.g., paper making, jewelry assembling, pastels, traditional bead-work… It’s fun for us to teach them, and it seems like the folks taking them are enjoying themselves (and they’re coming up with some very nice completed projects – we’ve posted a few photos on our facebook page). Most classes are $25 for a 2-hr intro session – and well worth it. And here’s the Schedule!

Also, as we’re able, we are making room in the store and in our schedules to open up work space (for rent) so you can come, use our space, tools and supplies, and make the mess at our place rather than yours (plus, you can pick our brains for any help on the project). If that sounds like a good deal, give us a holler. (Rent will vary, depending on what resources you’ll need and how long you’ll need them.)


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