A Little About Us

The Flying Eagle Gallery has been around since dirt was invented – but Tom and Shelley Butler just Bought the Gallery (much better than buying the
Farm) back in July, 2012. Since then, they have attempted to keep most of the services previously available to the Thermopolis community – yet have changed up their retail inventory to feature local artists and craftspeople. It’s been an exciting change, and you would do well to drop in and say “hey!” and see what’s up at the Gallery!

As for the new owners…

Tom grew up out in the country – somewhere near Carpenter, WY (almost in Nebraska, mind you, and not too far from Colorado either!) – went to grade school…. well, we can skip all that. Some years ago Tom started his own Stained Glass Studio in Portland, Oregon – and right about when it was getting real fun, he and Shelley stepped inside the Flying Eagle – and fell in love (Thermopolis will do that to you). So they decided to pick it all up and buy the Flying Eagle Gallery, and move to Thermopolis with their two boys – Josiah and Brendan.

And if you’ve never been there, you’re in for a real treat when you do decide to make the trip. Thermopolis is set in some incredibly beautiful country. And the Flying Eagle is a fun fun store. Hopefully we’ll see you real soon!


-Tom and Shelley Butler

Owners, Flying Eagle Gallery