Buy Local

A primary goal of the Gallery is to support and serve our local artists and crafters. One way we do this is by providing space on our walls and shelves for original work – consignments and retail.

Here are a few of the folks we are honored to show off at the Gallery:

Jack Beckwith – bus driver for Hot Springs school district. Jack likes to take matboard and pen with him to meets and such. The images he draws are incredibly detailed images of history or fantasy. He does excellent work with oils as well, though he’s a bit reluctant to share work that isn’t affordable – so for the most part you’ll find reproductions of his original pen work in the Flying Eagle.

Mike Stevens – custodian for Hot Springs middle school. Mike has been sandblasting rock and glass for many years now and each year his work gets more and more delicate. Most of the town knows Mike and he’s everyone’s go-to-guy for sandblasting projects that require experience or a delicate touch.

J.C. Dye – sculptor (bronze) and oil painter (now living in Fort Washakie). J.C. has a fascination with horses and you can see it in his artwork. Painting landscapes and livestock (and wild critters too), J.C. fits in nicely to the Wyoming artist scene. Also a good one to look at for collecting and investing.

Al Darlington – Wind River Canyon fish taxidermist. It takes skills to get those fish to look just right when you mount them on the wall and Al’s been doing this a good long time now. He approaches his artwork (mostly watercolors and acrylics) much the same way.

Bonnie Martin – one of Thermopolis’ snow-birders. Bonnie goes to Yuma (Arizona) annually rather than wintering in Thermop. She collects birdsnest gourds there and brings them back to paint up and make into, wait for it… THUNDERGOURDS!!! Come into the Gallery sometime and ask about Bonnie’s Thundergourds – they sound and look awesome. (we also have a number of Bonnie’s quilts)

Brenda Flynn – lives 12 miles north of Thermopolis – and has skills with hemp. Bracelets, necklaces, anklets… Brenda knots ‘em nicely.

Shawna Peckinpaugh – Lander potter – part of the Potters of the Wind River (PoWR), making pottery that is experimental, functional, aesthetic and in good taste. Her pottery is oven safe and looks good holding food / drink OR hanging on your wall.

Country Woodworking – coming out of Atlantic City (Wyoming) – the folks at Country Woodworking like to harvest fallen aspen and use it to make their more artful pieces – vases, bowls, coat-racks… Though not everything they make is out of aspen, all of what they make is good quality, and local.

Tad Anderson – Laramie artist (pastels). Tad grew up in Thermopolis and now spends most his time either painting or rock-climbing. You can see how they impact each other just by looking at his artwork. Tad was featured in the Jackson Hole Art Blog: Article 1 / Article 2. Another good artist to think about when you’re considering investing in art.

Angela Jervis – Lander potter. Angela  has a large number of attractive and functional pieces at the Gallery – her glazes are unique and her prices are outlandishly affordable.

Circle C Frames – out of Jackson. Using reclaimed barnwood and a plasma cutter – Circle C’s frames are lovely and rustic. And customize-able with little icons (e.g., spurs, tree, bison, “Wyoming”) – a great gift idea!

Beatrice White – Wind River Reservation – traditional beadwork. Beatrice’s work gets better and better daily. Employing traditional beading in traditional and non-traditional designs and applications. Her work is impeccable. And especially if you take our traditional beadwork class – you’ll appreciate her prices.

Last Loop – Chele Needens out of Buffalo – lariat baskets, wall hangings, clocks and more. Chele makes some incredible lariat baskets, and I love her clocks. There’s a handful of other things she crafts out of lariats and they’re all very cool! She also dyes silk scarves, and has started dying her lariats before working them into her designs.

A.B. Word / Barry Bryant – Kirby residents and well-known artists. A.B. works with pastels and often fantastical imagery. Barry custom-creates frames to fit. Now and then you might find us carrying some of their original work – but mostly you’ll find some limited edition prints hanging out at the gallery. If you time it right – you might even be able to score a signed copy!

Jessica Lippincott – one of our local photographers – Jessica has an eye for texture. Her photos are usually easy on the eye and intriguing. And if you want them framed at the Flying Eagle – we’ll give you a little discount.

Bruce Gallinger – photographer from Buffalo. Bruce’s strength is in his love for the critters he photographs – it’s very apparent in his work (he captures an amazing amount of character – particularly in the birds). He prints on photo paper, silver paper and steel and we will give you a discount if you want it framed at the Gallery.

Jeb Schenk – Dr. Schenk – photographer and psychologist here in Thermop. Jeb has a love for the land he lives in. His landscapes are gorgeous – and for Jeb – bigger is better. He also has a book featuring Thermopolis through the seasons – available at the Story Teller.

Willie Ralston – Thermopolis junk man and metal recycler – Willie takes metals he’s picked up and crafts them into beautiful objects and works of art. Horse shoes, spikes, re-bar, copper pipe… It all goes into his forge and comes out gorgeous.

Mona Wilson – Thermopolis painter. Mona usually takes common household objects, paints on them and voila! work of art! Sifters, pan lids, flour shakers…

Sallie Wesaw – Thermopolis / Riverton artist. Sallie used to teach pottery (among other things) at the Central Wyoming College – now she’s busy felting, constructing pottery sculptures and painting with acrylics. She’s a gentle soul and does some very fine, thoughtful work. Come and see it when you can.

Raspberry Delight – Riverton raspberry and bee farm. One of two farms nearby that raise raspberries. They make lots of excellent foods with their raspberries – including raspberry-infused honey. Come here to get some (or we can ship it to you) – or we can give you directions if you’d like a nice drive through the canyon.

Angela Siems – one of our newer residents, Angela paints nicely with pastels. She has a fine aesthetic sense and I’m partial to her “weed” wreaths – made out of sage, milkweed and other things she finds in her yard. You may also find her in the Gallery at times teaching folks how to apply their pastels.

Maria Dodson – M Designs from Portland (Oregon) – a good friend of ours who got into semi-precious stones and jewelry several years ago and is always coming up with innovative and unique designs. Maria was the first to consign work at the Flying Eagle Gallery (under our ownership).

Queen Bee – hand-made purses from Portland (Oregon). Queen Bee is a small business we appreciate – crafting their unique purses by hand – making pieces that look classy and last forever.

Native American Natural Foods – Kyle, South Dakota. Maker of Tanka Bites / Tanka Bars – the original energy bar. Tanka bars are pemmican and they’re tasty. Who knew that bison, cranberries, garlic and peppers could taste this good. Native American Natural Foods work with a number of tribes / reservations to get their ingredients. They make a good product, aren’t too far away, and are working towards inter-tribal collaboration – good things in our book and we’re happy to sell their bars (spicy and mild) as well as their sticks (with wild rice)

Flying Eagle Gallery – hand-crafting custom stained, leaded and fused glass; engraving ‘most anything;  and framing / matting whatever you’ve got to frame. We’re proud to serve Thermopolis in all the ways we can.